Anjeer or Dried Figs-A super healthy snack!

Anjeer or Dried Figs- A Super Healthy Snack

What are Figs?

Dried figs or anjeer

The fig is the edible fruit of a tree species from the flowering plant family Moraceae. It is popularly grown from Turkey to North India but it is native to the Mediterranean & western Asia. Fresh as well as dried figs are so popular in the Mediterranean region of the world that it is often termed ‘ the poor man’s food ‘.They are one of the richest sources of Calcium & fiber in plants. The cultivation of figs is done in dry & warm climates. The leading producer of figs is Turkey followed by Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Iran, Spain, Syria, United States, Albani, Greece, and Brazil. Ficus Carica or common figs are the type of figs that are cultivated in India.

Nutritional value of raw figs

Dried figs 

Figs can be taken in any form, either fresh or dried, and are widely used for jam production. The fresh form of figs can’t be transported for commercial use and it doesn’t stay fresh for long so it is dried. Also as per the latest data from the Food & Nutrition Board of the US Institute of Medicine and the US Department of Agriculture, dried figs are the best among dry fruits nutritionally.

Nutritional value of dried figs

Synonyms of figs

TamilAtti Pazham
TeluguAthi Pallu
MalayalamAtti Pazham

Top Health Benefits of Dried Figs:

Beneficial for bone health:

The daily requirement of Calcium by the human body is 1000 mg and our body can’t produce Calcium so we have to rely on supplements to meet our daily calcium requirement. Although milk is the best source of Calcium it doesn’t meet our daily requirements so it is essential to eat a diet full of Calcium, phosphorus, and Magnesium. Dried figs are a good source of all these nutrients and they play an essential role in reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

Lowers blood sugar levels:

Figs are popularly known to regulate the level of blood sugar in our bodies. As per the American Diabetic Association, figs should be considered an integral part of our diet and should be consumed daily. Figs also contain potassium which also helps in controlling the blood sugar levels. In 1998 a research has been done by A Serraclara & others, titled ‘ Hypoglycemic action of an oral fig – leaf decoction in type – I diabetic patients ‘ and as per the results of the study, figs can be used to cure diabetes and other related disorders due to its hypoglycemic effect (blood sugar lowering).

Good for skin health:

Figs contain all the essential nutrients & essential antioxidants that are beneficial for our skin. They can rejuvenate our skin cells resulting in youthful and wrinkle-free skin. A research article was published in the International Journal of Dermatology in 2007 titled, ‘ Comparative study of fig tree efficacy in the treatment of common warts (Verruca Vulgaris) vs. cryotherapy ‘ and as per the results of the research, fig tree latex treated warts in 44 % of the patients without any side effects. Although the mechanism of the anti-wart property of fig tree latex is not clear but can be used as a safe treatment option.

Good for hair health:

Figs are an excellent source of iron and iron is an important mineral when it comes to hair health. Taking a handful of figs daily can help give you lustrous and strong hair.

Remedy for constipation:

Dried figs are loaded with fiber which is very important to ease out the bowel movement. So if you are someone who suffers from constipation then you must include dried figs in your diet. Figs are also known to treat many digestive disorders. An article has been published in The FASEB Journal in 2010 titled, ‘ Effect of Ficus carica on functional constipation ‘, and as per the results of the research the patients who consumed figs significantly showed an improvement in the constipation symptoms.

Controls blood pressure:

When we consume salt in excess, it increases the level of sodium in our body which in turn decreases the level of potassium, this imbalance results in hypertension or an increase in blood pressure. Hence a diet that is rich in potassium is recommended to manage blood pressure, figs are a good source of potassium. A study was conducted in 2017 by Alamgeer and others titled, ‘ Evaluation of the antihypertensive potential of Ficus carica fruit ‘. As per the results of the research, the blood pressure was reduced in animals by the consumption of figs ‘.


Anemia is caused due to the deficiency of iron in our body, dried figs are a good source of iron hence they should be consumed daily to prevent anemia. Research has been done in 2017 titled, ‘ Use of dried figs to improve hemoglobin percentage ‘ and as per the results of the research consumption of dried figs improved the hemoglobin levels in the blood hence preventing anemia.


Dried figs should be included in our daily diets because of their enormous benefits. They are antidiabetic, anti anemic, regulate blood pressure levels in our body, and are beneficial for skin, hair, and bones. We are delivering dried figs all over India so grab yours from Kashmir basket  before the offer is gone!

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