Kashmiri Kahwa

Kashmiri Kahwa – All you need to know

Popularly known as Kehwa or Qehwa or Kahwa is a green tea beverage prepared by people globally, especially in India, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and some parts of Central Asia. The word kehwa is derived from the Arabic word ‘Qahwah’ which is used for coffee beans however kahwa is a popular aromatic and traditional green tea drink consumed all over the world.

What is Kashmiri Kahwa?

Kashmiri kahwa or kong kahwa is a traditional beverage of Kashmir and is a simple combination of cardamom, cinnamon, and saffron infused in boiling water with the addition of dry fruits. The dry fruits that are added usually include crushed almonds and walnuts and sugar or honey are added as a sweetener. Earlier kahwa was prepared in the samovar, which is a traditional copper kettle. In samovar burning coals are placed in a central cavity surrounded by a space where water boils with other ingredients for the making of kahwa. Nowadays, people prepare it in normal kettles and pots because of the modern fast lifestyle. Winter in Kashmir is particularly very harsh and Kashmiri people prefer it in winters especially ‘’Chillai Kalan ‘’ (Mid December to ending January), although it can be consumed throughout the year.

Preparation of Kashmiri kahwa:

Kashmiri kahwa is a simple yet powerful recipe. Firstly take a few strands of saffron, put them in warm water and keep it aside. Then boil a medium-sized cinnamon stick, one or two cardamoms, and one clove for five minutes on medium heat. Next, lower the flame and add Kashmiri green tea leaves and boil for one or two minutes. Strain the ingredients in a separate pan using a strainer then combine it with the warm water and saffron mixture, and add some almonds. Boil the combination for a  few minutes and serve hot!

Ingredients of Kashmiri Kahwa
Ingredients of Kashmiri Kahwa

Top Health Benefits of Kashmiri Kahwa 

Great for Digestive Health:

Usually, Kashmiri kahwa is served after ‘wazwan’.Wazwan is a very heavy traditional meal of Kashmir which is served on special occasions like marriages, engagement ceremonies, etc. Kahwa is known to speed up the metabolism and smoothens the digestion process. It is also consumed early in the morning to kick start a good day and cleanse the digestive system. It is also beneficial in reducing digestive disorders like constipation etc.

Boosts Immunity:

Kashmiri kahwa is a  popular home remedy for cold, cough, and fever in Kashmir. It is rich in antioxidants that aid in boosting the immune system of our body which helps fight infections. Saffron is a main ingredient of kahwa and is a good source of vitamin B12 which in turn is great for building the body’s immune system.

Good for Weight Loss:

Kashmiri kahwa is served after meals in Kashmir because it not only helps in digestion but also helps in weight loss. It reduces appetite, lowers blood sugar levels, and reduces cholesterol because of the cinnamon present in it so it is good for heart health also.

Benefits of Kahwa
Benefits of Kahwa

Stress Reliever:

Stress and anxiety are common problems these days since Kashmiri kahwa is rich in antioxidants so it helps to purify the toxins from our body and it permits the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. The release of these happy neurotransmitters brings happiness and peace to our bodies. It is also known to reduce insomnia if taken before sleep. After a long and tiring day at work, a cup of Kashmiri kahwa is all you need to reduce your anxiety and stress.

A Powerhouse of Energy:

Although milk is not added to Kashmiri kahwa yet it is a powerhouse of energy because of the dry fruits and antioxidants present in it. If you want to feel energetic and rejuvenate yourself after your gym, it is a great way to pump up your energy levels. It can also help to reduce headaches and tiredness after a long day at work. Whenever you feel lazy, just take a few sips of kahwa, and you are sorted for the day!

Kashmiri Kahwa

Get Yourself a Kashmiri  Glow:

Kashmiri people are known for their beautiful faces all over the world, the magical potion that works wonders on the skin is kahwa as it contains those ingredients to keep the skin soft and supple. It can treat pigmentation of the skin and has anti-aging properties to give you a youthful appearance. Skin gets dry during winters, the essential oils present in almonds helps to prevent dryness and keep the skin moisturized.

Kashmiri kahwa is a great drink that you must include in your daily routine because of its immense benefits. It is good for your digestive health, builds your immune system, helps in weight loss, great stress buster, gives you glowing skin, is packed with energy, and much more. Kashmir Basket brings to you 100 % original Kashmiri kahwa straight from the land of Jammu and Kashmir so hurry up and grab your original Kashmiri kahwa before it goes out of stock!

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